French born Niamey, Niger-based.
Passionate about intimate artistic & commercial experiences across design, video & photography.

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Selection of assignment work for different organizations and newspapers. 

Commissioned by WTO/EIF Enhanced Integrated Framework - World Bank - WAC Wild Africa Conservation - UNFPA and SWEDD - ECHO European Union - Danish Institute for Human Right – MENCH Germany – UNFOUNDATION - UNDPD -ICRC/CICR - CARE - AFD Agence Française de Développement - Terre des hommes, Geneva – Gates Foundation – Chemonics - BuzzFeedNews – Story Hunter – Secours Islamique France – WHO, World Health Organization -   CIFOR - Freedom From Hunger -  GIZ - PLAN International - Millenium Promise – UNICEF - PSI - Fitima Foundation, Handicap Solidaire - Marie Stopes - Save The Children - TFO Canada Trade for Developing Countries
Oct, 2020


Portraits are about people and what they do with their lives. They are about the kind of house a person lives in and how they decorate it; about what kind of work they do and where they do it; about the surroundings they choose and the things they surround themselves with.

Commissioned by UN, NGO’s, Magazines

Jan, 2021


Series of photos on universities in the USA - Work carried out to promote universities and their activities- Photos for websites and various publications such as brochures, reports, etc.

Commissioned by Kenyon College - University of Virginia  – University of Massachusetts - Johns Hopkins Hospital - The Arc of Baltimore - Pratt Library -  Wesleyan University - University of Maryland Medical Center - Baltimore Museum of Art

Oct, 2020


Au Sénégal beaucoup de familles n’ont pas accès aux soins. Mais un pas important vient d’être fait pour que des enfants malades du cœur puissent être pris en charge sur place. Le premier centre de chirurgie cardiaque pédiatrique a été inauguré en 2017. Dans ce pays, tdh poursuit deux buts principaux : faciliter l’accès aux soins spécialisés sur place et assurer les transferts des cas complexes d’enfants atteints de cardiopathie vers l’Europe.

Commissioned by Terre des hommes, suisse
Feb, 2020


Eight years of violence and armed conflict have taken a heavy toll on the border of south Libya and north Niger. Its economy in the region is in crisis, crime rate is high and basic services such as health care, schools, electricity and water are suffering. Here are the stories of these survivors.

Commissioned by ICRC
May, 2020